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I help women business

owners incorporate self-care into daily practice and create a healthy balance between business & life!

to all the womenpreneurs taking care of everyone else, this one is for you...

Hey Sis! I'm  Jessica

Your Holistic Self-Care Coach

I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY an ADVOCATE for WOMEN making themselves a priority and practicing better SELF-CARE as they cater to their clients, family, and friends. I read somewhere that GOD'S CALLING for your life will be something that you struggle with, and as someone who struggled with making myself a priority, that couldn't be more true.

I didn't always take time to do the things that HONORED me. I was often tired, anxiety filled, just trying to keep my head above water in my day to day responibilites, and wanting, needing a break.


When you pencil in your clients, don't forget

to pencil in yourself! YOUR self-care matters, and when you don't take that into account, here's what can happen:

You experience burnout & are not your best self in business or life
You lose focus, creativity, and motivation & develop bad habits
You never turn on the "out of office" sign & become overwhelmed
You forget your why & lose who you are as a person
Stagnation becomes your norm, & you make your own wants/needs last on your list

How can my holistic self-care coaching change that?

Learn how to set clear boundaries for your work/life balance

Receive a personalized schedule, making YOU time a priority

Explore what you want your self-care to look like (for everyone it's different)

Establish fitness, health, and lifestyle goals + create a regimen

Create opportunities for daily self-check ins and reflection


As we get acquainted, let me encourage and empowHER you!

Give yourself grace, & trust your process
Change takes time, & you choose your energy (positive or negative)
You are worth investing in, & self-care should not feel like a luxury 
Never feel bad advocating for yourself, & progress over perfection
Celebrate the small wins, & be present

Let's connect!